Going further. Reaching deeper. Daring for more. "Women on the RISE" is an inspiring compilation of stories from 17 women who weren’t willing to settle. Instead, they created the careers and lives they needed to put them on a path to professional success and personal satisfaction. Their journeys all came together at RISE Collaborative Workspace, an inspiring community of female professionals in St. Louis. In this collection of stories are tales of channeling one’s strengths, changing careers, overcoming loss, supporting other women, and rising to the top. No one woman’s journey was the same yet they all find themselves further ahead today than they once dreamed possible. And none of them got there alone. Readers will be inspired by the stories of women helping women, of women asking for what they deserve and not taking ‘No’ for an answer. If readers believe in the power of women not only being at the table, but leading the discussion, they’ll be moved by these stories. And if readers are feeling stuck or in need of inspiration to create change for themselves and their futures, "Women on the RISE" will help light that spark. It’s impossible not to feel a connection to one—if not all—of these authors and take away an idea that will inspire movement.

Paperback - Women on the Rise